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Precious Metals

MCBC are Commodities Brokers in Precious Metals.

The primary focus is Gold Bullion which in today's world is becoming more and more essential for countries, corporations and individuals as a mechanism to sure up, divest, or provide stability for their assets.

Dore Gold, the unrefined version of Bullion, is also an area MCBC has experience, and looks to work with Buyers, Sellers and their respective Mandates.

People First

MCBC work to build one on one relations with Buyers and Sellers in the markets.  We all have our place, and the Brokering environment requires putting a complex jigsaw of individuals together.

Different cultures, countries, languages, objectives and requirements demands time and patience to work and understand people respectfully - without making judgements.


There are several people involved in the Buying and Selling chain, but ultimately for long term business success, everyone has to operate as a team. 

Partnerships are vital, and within MCBC we strive to find people who we believe would benefit from collaboration in a particular environment or deal.


Trust is a core to our way of working and belief system.  Within the Brokering chain we provide balance, straight talking, and constructive assistance in order to successfully conclude the deal, and enhance the long term relationships for all parties involved.

Trust includes confidentiality, reliability and competence at all stages and in every aspect of participation in a project.

MCBC use a four stage business process to assist in openness and protection for all parties within the project:

  1. NCNDA - Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement to assure standard protection for the introducers
  2. CA - Commission Agreement (excluding Bullion deals) which includes an outline of the deal which helps clarify the project being discussed, the details of the party being approached, and the Commissions agreed with the Commission Payer
  3. SPA - Sales Purchase Agreement - as negotiated and drawn up by the Buyer or Seller in relation to the deal
  4. IMFPA - Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement which includes essential details of the SPA and the Commissions as agreed in the Commission Agreement

These four documents work together and reference each other. We have found this process eliminates confusion and frustration because it ensures pertinent information is captured and recorded transparently at each stage for everyone's benefit.